RADICATO presents; Happily Ever After.


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About this time last year I was asked to be the professional photographer at the Radicato’s first showcase named ‘We Are Radicato’.

It was such a honour to be asked and can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous about photography before as rather than just snapping for my own enjoyment, this was the task capturing an incredibly special show for the kids, their parents and teachers involved for them all to keep and treasure so the pressure was on!

Their first showcase was all about showing who they are as a dance company and to showcase all the hard work the children and adults had done in their first year so this was a HUGE responsibility.

The show opened with a number of statements that they felt represented their vision as a dance company.
These included things like;
“I am brave.”

“I am strong.”

“I am an overcomer.”

which came to a close with the statement;
‘We are Radicato’.
Many of the children do not come from stable homes and may have experienced having such positive statements said over them before.

The aim was to get the dancers to know who they are and who they could be.

The show consisted of a number of dance styles and pieces danced by all of their groups including our special needs group and adult class.
For one of their young girls, who had never danced on stage before she had a moment of panic and ran off distressed. To see how the other dancers (and the audience) encouraged her to go back on at do it again was breath taking and summed up who they want to be as a company.

Another girl with learning difficulties has never left her mums side before but ran on stage with dance teachers Kerry & Jess giving her best performance.
It’s those moments money cannot buy and the show was packed out for both performances.

This year their show is Princess themed, as a dance company over the past year they have grown so much!
Kerry and Jess said; “The dancers have matured and really come together as a company, performing at many charity and local events.”

In November they performed in their first ever competition, up against children who have danced for most their childhoods came home with a very proud 2nd place.

As they entered the competition world they wanted to do it ‘Radicato’ way by breaking down barriers and being the positive vibe that isn’t always present at competitions.

Thanks to some very generous people and companies, they are able to take a group of our dancers to Dance in the magic at Disneyland Paris in March 2018!!!!

For many of their dancers who have never been on holiday or abroad this is a once in a lifetime chance for them to perform on a Disney stage, it will be a truly magical experience.

This weekends show ‘Happily ever after’ is their second annual show and will showcase the pieces from the last year from all our groups. The dancers have loved preparing some special Disney pieces for it so be prepared to be blown away! I literally cannot wait!

No one can be ‘too old’ to dream and Radicato hopes the show reigniting peoples imaginations.

To book your tickets please visit; https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/happily-ever-after-rdc-2018-tickets-39723954417?aff=es2

See you on Saturday!


The Big Colour

IMG_1284Now this is something I’m really excited about!!

Our little family are so greatful to the Sheffield Children’s hospital as not only did they care for our little boy as a baby, they still are providing excellent health care even now with supplying hearing aids, medication and regular check ups…just yesterday we had a speech & language appointment and it was so special to watch him achieving their goals and seeing how much he is improving every time. It made me think again how blessed we are to have their services here in Sheffield.

For me, the aim of this year has been to take a step back from Festival and large charity event organisation and use the time to help and support others as they have done for me.

When I saw that my friend Natasha Hall was organising the Big Colour Event for the Children’s Hospital I was instantly enthused especially as she has so carefully created the most wonderful colouring sheets for the kiddies to colour and is bust organising the main event at St Mary’s Church on the 31st August.

Keen to get involved we had a chat yesterday, she was so lovely and happy for me to help so we decided that it would be possible to host a mini lead up event tomorrow at Wadsley Church Hall.

We would love it if you could come and support either or both events…even downloading a colouring sheet in exchange for a small donation would be brilliant!

We have been productive this evening creating colourful decorations and have even got a mini crayon mascot (if he’s in the mood!!!)

There will be games and facepainting provided along with the colouring sheets and pencil crayons from 12noon.

The winners will be announced at the picnic on the 31st August…for more info check out the Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/events/120767548560058/?ti=icl

See you there!!!






New Year Adventures!


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I LOVE NEW YEARS EVE. Saying goodbye to past experiences and reflecting on life lessons learned to welcoming in the new year with anticipation of what the next has in store.

My husband and I decided that this would be a great opportunity to go away to different city’s around Europe and enjoy the last few days of the year to make each one extra special.

2011 EDINBURGH (Scotland)

This was huge! Commonly known as Hogmanay, the scots don’t just celebrate New years eve, but they make the most of the celebration and extend it to two days before!

We explored the castle and joined in with the torch light procession which looked epic. A sea of flames lighting up the path which would be seen for miles.

New years eve was so busy, a huge street party with several stages and live music playing including Mark Ronson! It was a great atmosphere… not quite sure why I thought wearing a skirt and huge heals was appropriate as it was freezing cold, I think the rum and coke / whiskey kept us going.

1012 KRACO (Poland)

This one was particularly special as Nic proposed at just after midnight! I was so in awe of the lazer show and spectacular fireworks that I ignored him trying to be romantic!

Pregnant with Tiffin, this was the perfect place to go… all contained in the square with lots to see and experience with bars and restaurants close by! We had lots of fun and enjoyed eating in restaurant illuminate watching a pianist play the piano whilst also playing the saxophone at the same time!

2013 COPENHAGAN (Denmark)

The year our little boy was born. This was an opportunity for Nic and I to go away as thought Tiffin wouldn’t appreciate being dragged out in the cold at midnight… though looking back, I wish we had taken him with us!

Going round Tivoli gardens was unforgettable and just like a fairy tail. I felt so emotional that Tiffin was missing out as he would have loved the bright lights and ambiance!

We defiantly made the most of being baby free though and enjoyed chatting and drinking cocktails in a random rock and roll diner!

Close  to midnight we headed to the centre as this is were we were told on several occasions to avoid! right in the centre and surrounded by Champaign bubbles and fireworks exploding from every direction as people launched them from their hands! We decided to get a hot dog as didn’t reckon much to the food there and ended up in the middle of a firework explosion! all I could see was a flash of bright light and felt the stick bounce off Nic’s leg and onto mine though we were both ok other than a tiny burn… A very different experience from being in Sheffield!


2014 DUSSELDORF (Germany) Again, we were blessed with child care as again thought this wouldn’t be subtitle to take a one year old! We explored the art galleries (that’s Nic up there on that installation I was too frightened!) and admired the crazy architecture, We went down the Salt mine and saw the famous ‘Last supper’ piece. We headed onto the river side and the count down began… huge crowds and fireworks again being thrown off the bridge and the surrounding areas!


2015 BRUGES (Belgium) Our first new year adventure with little Tiffin! So our plan to have new year to our self failed for a 3rd year so found somewhere family friendly…We went by ferry and Tiffin was mega excited! We had a wonderful family holiday walking through the ice sculptures and going on the beer tour though was disappointed Tiffin slept through the point of it! Much more organised than the previous countries, a firework display from a distance and Abba’s ‘Happy New Year’ song on loop which is still in my head now!

2016 NORTHUMBERLAND (England)  This year we decided to go for the quiet country option, mainly because we left it too late to book any flights that weren’t extortionate!

A great escape from the business of Christmas and our latest charity event mixed in with planning church events… little phone signal was just the break we needed. We have enjoyed the fresh air and done plenty of walking, finding sculptures in and exploring around Hadrian’s Wall. Today was spent shopping in the village and having lunch in a little vintage tea room.

The plan this year is to head to Allendale which we have been told is an experience! A complete change from previous years though am slightly nervous about controlling a hyperactive three year old for 4 hours in the tiniest village ever – he is well equipped with his new paw patrol hat and little mittens currently playing snap with daddy!

I am looking forward to celebrating my 6th new year with my best friend now husband and seeing what this new year celebration brings in the next couple of hours…

Time to pop open the Champaign and turn the music on loud to dance with my boys until its time to head out!

Thank you for reading and I wish YOU a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!






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We are all so excited for Christmas and are so busy with work, final preparations and party planning for the weekend! Though after a message out the blue from one of my best friends at school this was all put on pause for a few hours.

Megan, my gorgeous friend who I spent so much time with at school 12 years ago and can remember her little Irish accent often greeting me with a cheerful; ‘Hello Reeebeckie!’ left prematurely and moved to Kenya. I remember being so sad at the time as would miss her so much!

We kept in touch via letters and then more recently through facebook. She posted me beautiful wooden necklace with carved animals on it from Kenya which I have worn a few times this year as it complimented a new top my mum bought me for my Birthday!

A couple of days ago, Megan sent a message to myself and school friend Sophie informing us she is back in Chesterfield and wanted to know if we wanted to meet. I felt so excited and a bit emotional!

Remembering that it had been 12 years since Megan lived locally and hadn’t often ventured out into the city centre I was keen to show off our city as it is now; The Peace gardens (though currently home to the Thor tepe), Winter gardens which was filled with fairy lights and castles, around the Christmas markets down Fargate and one of my favourite places; Sheffield Cathedral. We explored the magnificent building admiring the beauty of the stained glass windows and hung a prayer attached to a key on the powerful ‘Unlocking’ installation.

We all had a coffee together, Sophie and I introduced our little boys Freddie and Tiffin both were as good as gold! Freddie especially was so happy and smiley!

We caught up on all our present circumstances and good news as well as reminiscing about school life and the infamous Spanish trip!


This maybe a strange blog post; however after both Sophie and Megan enthusiastically informed me that they read my posts… I thought it would be nice to dedicate one to them. As two of my oldest friends with the most fondest of memories, I wish you both all the best in your futures and want to thank you for your friendship. It would be amazing to meet up again soon – if not in the next 12 years when we are 40?!

A brilliant Christmas present.


World Prematurity Day


The 17th of November is a very special day for us. Its a day that is celebrated all around the world by thousands of mums and dads, grandparents, Drs and nurses to remember our little miracles and the colour purple is used to raise awareness for the challenges of preterm birth.

Today we celebrated our little miracle at the Winter Gardens in Sheffield. Hosted by brilliant midwife Julie Bathie who works extremely hard both in hospital caring for premature babies and also dedicates her free time to hand making hearts and hosting amazing events to highlight this day which is so important to so many of us. I took great pride being dressed head to toe in purple (thanks to my friend Simone for my new knee length purple boots – you must have known!) my husband wore a purple t shirt and we bought Tiffin a purple shirt especially for the event of which he looked so smart in!

Its always so emotional; seeing other parents some with their new born still with line attached bringing back memory’s of life on SCBU and also the joy of seeing so many of the babies first met a few years ago now who have flourished into thriving toddlers, something at the time they were in their incubators was hard to imagine.


It was so lovely to attend and be a part of the event in the Winter Gardens today, seeing the children dancing with frozen characters and my sons favourite character from Paw Patrol was there much to his delight. We each received a purple LED candle and little purple ribbon broach which was beautiful.

I haven’t written a blog post for a while, but this afternoon was such a special time for us as a family that I thought i’d take the opportunity to write my thanks again to Julie and the rest of the wonderful staff members at Jessops. We appreciate every second of time you spent with us, encouraging and teaching us helping us to get through the tough times.

If you are interested in contributing to this event, please check out the Bliss website as its incredibly important in helping premature infants around the world and adds strength to the global voice.




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This year two of the most talented ladies I have ever met; Kerry and Jess launched their new dance group ‘Radicato’ (adj.) deep-rooted, anchored.

I met Kerry at church a few years ago. She has struggled with personal health difficulties and suffered previous heart attacks. To see her persevere and battle on through the hard times, continuing to work in a physically demanding job on top of dedicating her free time helping out at church and charity is incredibly inspiring.

A few months ago I met up with her for on the way back from London after she’d won an award for choreographing! I felt very proud and really happy for her as it just goes to show that hard work pays off.

I met Jess through Kerry. She too has had health difficulties and persevered through the storms. She too has had a major victory this year when she stole the number 1 spot in the  I player Christian and Gospel charts with her latest single, ‘I will run’ which is so catchy. If you haven’t heard it yet, I urge you to find it on I tunes and download it!

i will run.jpg

Both girls have been so supportive and wonderful friends. They helped out at this years Wadsley Festival which we organised in the summer. Jess performed a set of songs including her chart single ‘Someone else’s war’ and they both executed a duet ballet to the Phantom of the Opera perfectly which induced several tears from members of the audience. Absolutely breath taking.

In March they launched their new dance group ‘Radicato’. Just 3 months later the children they taught performed their new dance routine which was a blend of various musicals from Annie to the Lion King. It was truly mesmerising to watch and so professional.thumbnail_IMG_1230.jpg

So what is so special about this particular dance group? I asked Kerry why she was so keen to set it up;

“We started it to provide affordable dance tuition for people who would normally be unable to access dance classes for issues due to cost, or due to physical or learning disabilities.
We just have a heart that everyone should have the right to dance whatever the barrier. We both had a lot of dance experience in different aspects of dance and thought it was time we used it for the good of the community.”

The classes they run currently are;

  • The special needs class -makaton signed special needs class for children with a learning disability, this class is specially adapted to suit their needs.
  • Adult class
  • Sunday performance group- a group of children who learn a variety of styles and perform at a professional standard. Our heart was to work with people who have an exceptional talent at dance and to help them to further their opportunities.

Radicato also provide a number of 1-1 sessions per week working with people who currently would struggle to dance in a group setting and those wanting to further their skills.


Kerry and Jess have even more plans for the future of Radicato and have the vision of starting a Hip Hop and toddler class but for this to happen they need some extra support through crowd funding as they are currently self supporting.

Radicato have been very busy this year performing at various events such as ‘Chance to Dance’ ‘Wadsley Festival’ and ‘Furd All Nation Festival’ and have even bigger plans for the new year as they will be hosting their first ever showcase at the Lantern Theatre on the 14th of January. Tickets are just £5 a real bargain for an unforgettable experience.

To purchases tickets for this concert go to;  https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/radicato-dance-company

If you would like to support Radicato then please visit their Go Fund Me page; https://uk.gofundme.com/

Jess and Kerry, keep up the good work and I cannot wait for the showcase in January!


Celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl


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100 years ago today, one of the greatest authors that ever lived. The author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Giraffe the Pelly and Me and Fantastic Mr Fox being my personal favourites.

Today, we thought we would get into the Roald Dahl spirit. This morning, after playgroup I took my little Fantastic Mr Fox on a walk in the woods where he enjoyed climbing the trees and waggling his fox tale!


 The afternoon was spent at Waterstones where they hosted a themed event for the children though I think I enjoyed it more as the gentleman on the till observed!
All the staff were dressed up brilliantly as the famous characters such as the Roly Polly (bird which was very impressive) Grandpa Joe and Matilda.
My son and I were greeted and ordered ourselves a Frobscottle and amazing Fizzy Lifting Drink which was wonderfully bubbly and creamy, a real treat!
My son enjoyed feeling the slimy surprises hidden in Mr Twits beard, poking his head through the golden ticket photo booth and grinning like Willy Wonka.
His favourite activity  was defiantly making ‘Tiffin’s Marvellous Medicine’ which had his name on it, he declared!

He loved mixing all the brightly coloured substances to create his own little concoction which of course had the magic ingredient sprinkled in as a finishing touch making it froth and foam much to his delight!
 Other children were having fun in their costumes having their faces painted and completing activity sheets.
It was such a lovely atmosphere and want to thank the staff especially Amy and Emma for the work they put into making it a great afternoon.
I felt very inspired and full of even more ideas for this years charity event as on the 26th of November Hullabaloobell Charity Events will be hosting ‘A Roald Dahl Christmas Experience’.
 We are aiming for this to be a magical and unforgettable experience.

Opportunities to create your own dream jar, flavor your own Snozzcumber. Cheer your friends on in the Bogtrotter cake eating challenge and experiment with Georges marvellous medicine. Dress up as your favourite character as there are huge prizes up for grabs including tickets to Disney Land!

Dance group Radicato will be performing along with many other surprises. 100% money raised will go to help poorly babies and children through vital medication and research in Sheffield.

If you would like to find out more about the event please check out;

  • Our facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/events/1181184961954186/
  • Our website; http://rebekahlawso4.wixsite.com/hullabaloobellevents

If you are unable to attend but would like to donate to our chosen charities then here is the link to the Just Giving Page; https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Rebekah-Ridge?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=Rebekah-Ridge&utm_campaign=pfp-share

I hope you have enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl day as much as I have!

“Somewhere inside ALL of us is the POWER to change the WORLD” – Matilda.


#Unityjigsaw by Damien Fisher.


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This year I have discovered that even though I don’t consider myself as an artist, I can still be involved in other peoples works. When Spencer Tunick put a request for volunteers to take part in his ‘Sea of Hull’, I put myself forward even though it was completely out of my comfort zone! It was a brilliant experience and felt great to be part of someone else’s art work.

A few months after, a local artist called Damien Fisher put a call out for people to get involved in his collaborative piece called the ‘Unity Jigsaw’ a project which was incorporated  into the ‘Unity’ exhibition which took place last week at Exchange Place Studios hosted and curated by Sharon Mossbeck and Michael Borkowsky.

Damien designed and created a jigsaw with individual pieces numbered 1-35 which all fitted together in a circle symbolic of unity. He asked for people to take a numbered jigsaw piece and take it around with them for three days to record and document the pieces journey in any form they wished.

This  was something I felt that I could get involved with so requested a piece of the jigsaw. Damien very kindly accepted my request so I picked it up from gallery 35 on Chapel Walk and was very excited to open my envelope which revealed my jigsaw piece, Number 11.

Three days documented through the medium of photography.

It’s amazing how much you see and things you are drawn to which would usually be dismissed or gone unnoticed.

A cracked eggshell for example on the payment on my way to work and the posture of the pedestrian crossing men.

Here is the journey my piece went on;

Day 1 

Day 1 JPEG Rebekah R

A very busy day for our little family! I set off to the gym at 5am and headed back in time for my husband to go to work. A free ticket to Manchester was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed! So took my little boy for a train adventure which he loved.

A bustling new city, greeted by enthusiastic students conducting various science activities for the kiddies to get involved with. Perfect. Green slime, jelly babies, exploding bottles and instrumented cooking trays were defiantly a hit with my little one. A walk to the art gallery where they had an exhibition called fashion and freedom. Short films played on a loop and continued the fascination.

Running round the steps and jumping across the fountains before shopping for daddies birthday present! We headed back to Sheffield and played in the Brutalist Playground at S1 Artspace (if you’ve not been, I would defiantly recommend it as its perfect for a rainy day).

We waited for daddy to finish work then set straight off on our next adventure; a weekend in London. Quick stop for a curry in Watford; a restaurant called the ‘Indian Sizzler’. The decor was amazing with colour changing bubbles lining the bar area, we were mesmerised eating our food!

Off to the flat in London we were staying at and all snuggled up in bed in time for midnight.

Day 2

Day 2 JPEG Rebekah R

A typical day at work, for obvious reasons I was unable to record the entire day however got a couple of token photos on my lunch break to symbolise the 9.5 hours of working in surgery.  6am start to hang out the washing followed by a brisk walk down to the swimming pool. Walk to work which involved random playing cards and eye catching graffiti. Also in my lunch break I completed the Team Theo agreement form ready for Hullabaloobell Charity Event’s next epic! Raising money through hosting fun themed events is also something I’m passionate about doing in my spare time.

Back home from work to do my favourite job of the day; bathing my little boy with tons of Matey bubble bath, singing songs, lots of giggles before reading stories before putting him to bed.

A quiet evening in to write letters to my closest friends and applying for raffle prizes for the next event, getting them in the post and bringing the washing in (I noticed I’m slightly obsessed with washing and ironing as its a seemingly never ending cycle.

Day 3 

Day 3 JPEG Rebekah R

A Saturday, a family day. Spent with friends and celebrating new beginnings with a lovely meal at the Milestone at Kelham Island. We walked into town (about 3.5 miles) and had a great time relaxing in the sunshine before handing my jigsaw puzzle piece back the next day.

I really enjoyed being involved with the Unity Jigsaw and was very excited to see how the other 34 people interpreted their missions!

I was keen to ask Damien what inspired him to create this project so I asked him a few questions to find out more;

What inspired you to create the ‘Unity Jigsaw’?

When I first thought of the theme Unity, there was one connection that kept re appearing and no matter where I tried to take this theme conceptually this one link kept appearing. That link was people. As soon as I realized this link, I started to explore how I could work with it. In the past I have created work where the audience is more important than the artist. For these pieces I used questionnaires and then made work responding to the most common themes, however this was the first time I directly allowed the audience to take create the work.

This in itself is very interesting because it brings forth questions like “who is the artist?” Personally I believe every individual response, is a work of art and when the pieces are all brought together there are both united as a collaborative work but also singular artworks by themselves. The idea of created a work that is both unified conceptually and physically is what inspired me to create this work.

What are your favourite or most unusual pieces? 

I don’t particular have favourite pieces aesthetically, however there is two pieces that stand out because of the journey those piece had. Piece 31 belonged to young mother going through pregnancy, a few days after she gave me the piece back she gave birth. There is this wonderful photo of her jigsaw piece next to her pregnant belly. The other piece that stood out to me is piece 39. This piece is a map of Amsterdam, this participant took his piece on his honeymoon with him and documented his honeymoon. Because of such amazing responses I will be sending them both a signed jigsaw piece.

 Have you got any project in the pipeline?

This month I have been within 3 exhibitions. One was a week before the jigsaw piece. I have 3 exhibitions planed so far this year, however I hope to have more. The only month this year I currently don’t have an exhibition in is December but I am working on that.

The next exhibition I will be in I am really looking forward to. You have to give the gallery an artist statement and you will receive another artist’s statement back, you then have to create work with their artist statement as inspiration. This will hopefully totally push me as an artist because I will be taking my own spin on another artists work.

Keep up to date with more of my work on my Facebook page: Damien Fisher Creative; https://www.facebook.com/DamienFisherCreative/?hc_ref=SEARCH



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Unity. An exhibition created and curated by Sheffield’s sweetheart artistically fabulous couple; Sharon Mossbeck and Michael Borkowsky.

After the recent and dramatic division of the country post referendum, they decided it was time to cease the conflict through their artistic ability with the aim of bringing people together.

Over 50 artists embraced this idea and submitted their work into the exhibition. This included a mixture of different media ranging from sculpture to a film playing on rotation on a retro television creating ambience through sound.

Jason Heppinstall’s heart chain sculpture was a strong centre piece, symbolic of love linked in unity.

Damien Fisher created his own project within the exhibition which was a collaborative piece. It encouraged people who wouldn’t normally consider themselves as artists (like myself) to be part of his project. He created a jigsaw of pieces individually numbered 1-35 which he distributed to anyone who requested. There task was to take the piece with them while they went about their daily routines and were encouraged to document their journeys in their own creative way. The object being to highlight individuality and symbolically bring all the pieces of the jigsaw together in unity. The jigsaw and the individual projects linked to it are on display as part of the exhibition.

Michael Borkowsky assembled a unity ‘first aid kit’ which is intended to provide basic equipment such as smelling salts (prompting short term healing, clarity and mental strength in a bid to initiate unity) and and a collage fragment, a wonderfully simple concept of taking a piece means you now have something in common with another person.

Their open evening took place at the weekend, Unfortunately I was unable to attend the evening but social media reported was hugely successful. With over 130 guests mingling and admiring the works on display. I managed to have a quick look the day before and met the gorgeous Sharon for the first time who was delighted at the amount of artists who supported her in the project and was very excited about the exhibition.

Michael wrote a post on his blog reflecting on the event;

“Perhaps UNITY offered more than simply an exhibition. It provided artists with a space to vent, to place their thoughts towards our divided nation onto a piece of work as a means of meditation, or reflection, or a means to comprehend or reinforce their position among the complexities leaving the EU represents. It instigated a process of healing, of re-building bridges and of finding connections between people and communities.” https://michaelborkowsky.com/2016/08/21/reflecting-on-unitys-open-evening/

If you haven’t been to Exchange Place Studios yet, I urge you to go and visit this exhibition. It’s free entry and running until Thursday 25th August 2016.

The Sea of Hull behind the scenes!


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So… I did it. I’ve never been so close to not going through with anything in my life before!

My friend very kindly woke up at 2:00am and took me to the centre of hull… She dropped me at the drop off point as there was no where else to park closer to the gardens. Much to my horror I realised I needed to walk threw the street past numerous take aways with several people worse for wear after a night out – in my dressing gown and little heals.

Definitely didn’t think that plan through!

Thankfully I over heard a man asking for directions to the ‘sea of hull’ normally dressed and sober. Filled with relief I tagged onto him. He had Come all the way from Amsterdam to be part of the installation, said he never would have dreamed of taking part in anything like it until he worked in Germany for a few years where it was just normal to strip off in public. Maybe it’s just us British who don’t find it socially acceptable.

We waited in the queue at one of the collection points where they handed us a clear plastic bag each labelled with a number (B3) to then head to the gardens where you queued up again at the designated corner to receive your pot of body paint.

It was so busy, every type person imaginable, it was hard to think that they would all be naked in the next hour or so…

So many people were in friendship groups and family’s, it had a great festival feel to it as everyone was so friendly and happy to be there.

I tried where possible not to engage in conversation to much as didn’t want that person to then see me with no clothes on!

The instructions were given at last… To paint yourselves with every bit of paint in every place possible… From ear holes to erm the soles of your feet.

The artist; Spencer Tunic announced that the time had come to remove your clothes and paint yourself.

Oh my goodness, everyone cheered! They waisted no time at all in whipping their clothes off… I just froze and looked round thinking “I can’t do this! Why am I even here? This is far too strange.”

I started applying the cold turquoise paint to my legs and considered leaving it there, until I realised I was the last person fully clothed.


So I removed my dress and slapped on my paint to the rest of my body feeling quite conscious and a bit embarrassed.

looking around at everyone else, they all looked awesome and didn’t actually feel too bad with the paint on merging in with all the other blue people.

Blue naked bodies everywhere, outside in the park  with the sun rising above the surrounding buildings; a very strange sight.

Our next instruction was to follow the volunteers and make our way round the rose fountain.

We set off walking, different people offering to help you apply paint to bits you’d missed… chatted to one girl who had gone with her mum and sister! another man said he had signed up with his brother, but found out that morning that his sibling had no intention of going with him so was on his own as didn’t want to miss the experience.

Photos were taken by the fountain to then get told to ‘head to the side walk!’ American accent booming threw the tannoy.

It was like being trapped in a strange dream without the duvet cover.

Walking along the roads of Hull, naked with 3,000 other people. It was quite a spectacular sight turning Round to face the on coming crowds all different shades of blue.

Several more instructions; lay down on the floor. Wow. It was freezing and mutters of ‘hurry up Spencer!!!!’

It was quite amusing listening to the enthusiastic artist bellow his instructions to then get heckled by his thousands of models in unison …

“Turn to face me!”
“We can’t see you! Where are you?!?!”
“Turn to the red building”
“There ALL red!”

And of course the now famous “steeeeeve!”

After a good two hours of being completely naked in the city I decided to head back with some of the others…

Blue people fully clothed and heading out their separate ways – it was like a blue zombi apocolipse… My husband found it a very strange site to see as he came and retrieved his blue wife.

to summarise why I did this; basically it was me being nosy. I was curious to see how this artist organised so many people to make his piece of art, what it would involve, how it would feel to be part of it and see the other people involved.

It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and greatful for the opportunity to be a human pixle in a fabulous piece of collaborative art.


Cover photo taken from Twitter