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Delighted In is one of my favourite things. These ladies only social evenings held at Wadsley Church were created and launched by Fiona Hutty and I am incredibly blessed to be involved in helping out and attending the monthly sessions. It is an open invite to all ladies in the local area to socialise, have a giggle and even learn new skills.

Usually held on a Thursday evening, we have enjoyed a mixture of great events;

The first format is a pamper evening,

DIY facemasks, with a grand selection of condiments to mix up and plaster oh so elegantly all over your face. From honey, natural yoghurt, sugar, coffee and even chocolate being just a few examples of what are on offer. This is always a giggle to do and I can honestly say that my skin felt better than when I tried a sample of the rather extravagant ‘Skin Truffle’ at a Temple Spa party I’d attended a few days before the Delighted in evening.

With the offers of eyebrow shaping, manicures and hand massages completely free of charge and an ambiance that is so relaxing with scented candles and relaxing music it is the perfect after work chill or retreat from the kids and housework!

The second type of evening is a film night;

Just as good, if not better than going to the cinema… mainly because there are no extortionate tickets to purchase and there is a kettle and pop corn at arms reach! Again great to socialise before and after, to laugh and cry together with friends as watching ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ being an example of a film which was shown which I LOVED and proceeded to buy the DVD for my mother.


The third being a craft evening;

Always a huge hit; with crocheting, knitting, card and jewellery making. Both young and old teaching each other and working together to create something beautiful. Organiser Fiona is a pro at crochet and is often sat beside someone showing them how its done. One lady in particular spent the entire evening weaving what can only be described as a donut which kept her quiet and was quite an achievement as this was her first attempt. By the next session, she wowed us all by proudly showing off a beautiful blanket she had made!!! I was incredibly impressed as all I achieve is adding a bit of sparkle to the blue church carpet!

All the ladies who have attended the events have nothing but praise for the events;

One of the ladies who brought her 8 week old baby girl said;

“I love the fact that I can relax at Delighted In evenings and feel like I’m surrounded by family. Its so warm and comforting! Whether you know people or not, there’s always someone to chat to old and young. If I don’t feel like putting on a face mask, I always feel free to just whip out my knitting! And of course the nibbles are always a plus!”

A few more quotes from some of the women who have attended the events;

“Fiona’s gentleness, kindness and caring gifts helps young and old to feel special”

“Fiona is fab, I feel like a woman who has friends again and is on a girls night out, please keep them coming!”

“The craft night was the first time I came to Delighted In. I was impressed by the range of ages and younger ones showing the older ones how to crochet or make beautiful bracelets . I love Fiona, she always is so organised and welcoming an I think she is doing a wonderful job. I hope it continues to grow and prosper.”

Why don’t you imagecome and experiance one of these special evenings for yourself? Fiona and the team host them purely because; We believe that God LOVES US.

The Bible tells us that He “takes great delight” in us (Zephaniah 3:17) we also believe that God wants to be in a relationship with all of us so that we can experience that love.


Our hope is to show every girl that she, YOU, are so special and deeply loved. This means that we should also share the love amongst ourselves. We should treat each other and OURSELVES with love too. The Bible says; “love others as you love yourself”.

delighted in group mavis lol

We would love to see you at one of our future events, the next one being;

FILM NIGHT 18th Feb 7:30pm